New Premium Medical Marijuana Strain Announced by alephSana, Leading German Medical Cannabis Distributor

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Leading medical marijuana distributor in Germany announces its new strain of
high grade medical marijuana called Aleph Amber which can treat a vast
multitude of symptoms.

Berlin, Germany, April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — alephSana, founded by
Boris Moshkovits in 2019 which is a licensed wholesaler in the German cannabis
industry, is bringing revolutionary actions to the distribution of medical
grade cannabis.

Before becoming a cannapreneur, Moshkovits held high positions within the
media, pharmaceutical and internet industries. In the pharmaceutical sector,
Moshkovits developed great talent for testing and pushing the limits in
marketing and digital storytelling. He soon began to speak out about the
benefits cannabis could have as a mainstream product both medically and

In this time he transitioned from activist into entrepreneur with the founding
of alephSana, which since 2019 has been the leading advocate for the
destigmatization of cannabis as a beneficial component for recreational and
medical uses in Germany.

As Germany continues to move towards legalization of recreational cannabis use
there are still factors being considered in regard to how it will be regulated
in the German marketplace. Regardless of how German legislation impacts the
flow of legal cannabis throughout the country, alephSana will continue to be a
patient focused distributor that provides targeted and safe therapy in
standardized pharmaceutical quality for the patients they serve.

The company offers a wide range of high quality products from GMP- and
GDP-licensed producers. In addition, alephSana stands out from other
distributors by offering training and workshops for doctors, pharmacists and
medical professionals.

alephSana is now announcing the launch of its premium medical strain Aleph
Amber, which is the first strain in the highly anticipated gemstone line. The
strain has uplifting and energizing effects which is the perfect combination
for anyone seeking an organic boost in their mood. The strain is available in
a high dose with 22% THC and a milder option at 20% THC. The strain also has a
dominant myrcene, which gives it highly effective anti-inflammatory and pain
relieving effects, which is perfect for people suffering from these medical

“The myrcene-dominant terpene profile offers patients a new alternative. In
its portfolio development, alephSana pays attention to the needs of patients
and maintains an exchange with physicians, pharmacists and patient
associations,” says Moshkovits. “Even though there is still a lot of room for
improvement in the evidence base, medicinal cannabis is already being used in
various diseases, chronic pain, oncology, MS and epilepsy, restless leg
syndrome and also in the field of mental illnesses such as ADHD, depression or

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